Carry Handle Detachable With Dual Aperture Rear Sight w/Rail Mount


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Detachable Carry Handle and rear sight W/ See through Picatinny Rail Mount Combo 

The detachable carry handle is the classic add-on to any tactical rifle build. Aircraft grade aluminum and steel in construction, the carry handle is both sturdy and functional. It comes equipped with a built-in dual aperture rear flip-up sight with adjustable windage and elevation settings. It mounts to any flat top rail equipped rifle. The carry handle is 5.3″ in length at its base and 6.89″ in length altogether. Also included is the carry handle rail mount, which fits securely into place atop the carry handle, while still allowing simultaneous use of the rear sight. 5.2″ in length, it accepts all standard Picatinny or Weaver optics, such as red dots, scopes, or magnifiers. 


Material: Aluminium alloy

Color: Black

Applicable: Flashlight, scope, laser, etc

Bottom Total Length: Approx. 176 mm / 6.92 inch

Bottom Groove Width: Approx. 20 mm / 0.78 in 


Durable aluminium alloy construction with matte black finish with anodized finish, sleek, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, lightweight, sturdy and durable.

Dual aiming apertures design ensure fine adjustment of distance, and it provides prefect fit.

Enable you to do precision adjustment to reduce the influence of windage and elevation.

Can be rigged with flashlight, laser, scope, etc, this handle ensure you various possibilities.

Quick and secure attachment with the large thumb knobs.

Can install any dot sight or scope on this 20mm scope mount.

Three options available

1.The detachable carry handle

2.The carry handle rail mount

  1. Includes BOTH the detachable carry handle AND the carry handle rail mount


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